Wallpaper factory "Block LTD"

About the factory
The products of the wallpaper factory “Block Ltd.” are known on the market under “Slobozhanskie” trademark since 1994. During this time the company has earned a reputation as a reliable partner, and its wallpapers have become popular not only in Ukraine, but also in Bulgaria, Georgia, Turkey, Moldova, Armenia and other countries. Nowadays, the company has got modern high-tech equipment, qualified staff and streamlined production processes. All of this allows “Block Ltd.” to produce high-quality products that meet the established standards.

About the product
The wallpaper factory “Block Ltd.” specializes in the production of relief wallpapers, which are produced by gravure printing. In addition to the diversity of design, flexible pricing policy and high quality, the company pays huge attention to the environmental friendliness of its products. In the production process, only non-toxic substances are used, as well as paints without alcohol. This makes our wallpapers 100% environmentally friendly in contrast to vinyl wallpapers. This fact also makes “Slobozhanskie” wallpapers an ideal type of wallcoverings for children’s rooms and bedrooms.

Eco-friendly line
In 2015, the wallpaper factory “Block Ltd.” launched a new line of wallpapers, which now include such collections as “Villa Vanilla”, “Elegant Home” and “Eco Line”. These are collections of eco-friendly relief wallpapers on a non-woven or paper basis. Their main difference from “Slobozhanskie” wallpapers is the increased density of paper basis, as well as a special coating, which makes the wallpapers more durable and moisture resistant. At present, our wallpaper factory is the only enterprise in Ukraine that produces this type of product. More details about these collections you can find on this website – http://block.kh.ua.

The wallpaper factory “Block Ltd.” has many awards that confirm the quality of its products. The “Slobozhansky” wallpapers, which are produced by the factory, received “The Highest Standard” gold medal of the National Image Program of Ukraine. The factory itself won the first place among the top three Ukrainian enterprises according to the National Business Rating. Moreover, “Block Ltd.” was given the “Leader of the Branch” status in 2016. In conclusion, the factory became the only enterprise in Ukraine that has an environmental certificate for its wallpapers.