About our wallpapers

Acrylic wallpapers are based on paper with printed pattern and foamed acrylic upon it. This technique helps to create a relief pattern that is resistant to mechanical influences.

Acrylic wallpapers are very practical and multifunctional. They have got many advantages such as high durability, low price and excellent decorative qualities. Moreover, acrylic wallpapers are air permeable and so any bacteria cannot multiply on their surface. Because of the absence of toxic substances (such as polyvinylchloride and phthalates) in the composition of wallpapers, they can be safely used when decorating living placements. Due to the fact that the surface of the acrylic wallpapers has a relief, for their cleaning it is necessary to use only a dry rag in order to not to spoil the top layer of the coating. It is not recommended to use any detergents.